Palmas Altas Campus

Palmas Altas Campus, Sevilla, España
Year:              2009
Project:         Rogers Stirk
                        Harbour + Partners
                        Vidal y Asociados
Product:       UNI/LL
Colours:        U54, U76 (Blue)
Surface:        29.000 m2
The business park of Palmas Altas lies to the south of Seville in a new urban development area. The project, a joint initiative between the City Council and sustainable technology company Abengoa, is the largest commercial technological development in southern Spain.
Once completed, two-thirds of the 100,000m² complex will become Abengoa’s new headquarters. The company, which has offices around Seville, will bring its commercial activities under one roof. Abengoa hopes to encourage collaboration by letting the remainder of the development to companies and institutions with similar interests.
Palmas Altas was designed in close collaboration with architects Rogers Stirk Harbour and Partners and Vidal y Asociados Arquitectos.
Developed to embrace Abengoa’s core values of energy efficiency and sustainability while being economically competitive, the design will prove itself to be a fully integrated architectural and engineering triumph.
Concept design studies indicating carbon footprint reduction and economic payback have been carried out for all the proposed passive and active sustainability solutions. Passive low energy consumption solutions include orientation, compactness, green roofs, and facades.
Active solutions to optimise energy efficiency include:
Trigeneration, which creates electricity, heating and cooling from a single energy source.
The installation of photovoltaic panels on the roofs.
Lighting dimming systems sensitive to levels of daylight.
Active solutions to reduce water consumption include:
Absorption chillers on the roofs which will provide cold water.
Dry toilets.
Storage facilities for rainwater so that it can be recycled and used for irrigation.
The result is expected to bring exceptional green credentials to Palmas Altas. On completion, the carbon footprint of the development will be about 30% lower than typical Spanish offices.
The development received platinum accreditation from the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED®) Green Building rating system, which is the highest accreditation available.
Also the materials are chosen following environmental concepts, raised access flooring are installed in all the buildings, total surface is then covered by rubber, wood and carpet.
As far as rubber flooring is concerned, Artigo UNI Loose lay tiles do contribute with substantial LEED points to help the building reach the platinum certification, in particular:
Our tiles have are made with a Pre-consumer (post-industrial) recycled content of 10% in weight.
The product is qualified and certified as low-emitting material according to requirements of the California Department of Health Services Standard Practice for Testing of Volatile Organic (also called Section 01350 specification).
Artigo floors can be installed using low-emitting adhesives that comply with the VOC requirements of SCAQMD Rule 1168.
The packaging can be recycled, being it made of wood, cardboard and  PE film. Rubber floor scraps (5-8% of supplied quantity in sqm) can be diverted to specific industries to manufacture different types of acoustic matting.
Loose lay rubber tiles installed are in total 29.000 sqm, in 2 different colours U54 (greige) and U76 (blue).
Flexibility and recycling are important issues for architects, Loose lay is not a permanent flooring, being installed with just a pressure sensitive adhesive which is non permanent. This means that tiles can be moved, replaced and eventually used on other project sites; furthermore  smooth surface and PRO surface treatment do not require a  polish layer and by easing the  cleaning procedure preserves water, detergent and energy as well.
The Palmas Altas Campus won the first prize as the best sustainable real estate project in Europe in the 2010 Prime Property Awards. Artigo is proud to have given its small but important contribute.