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LPO Architects AS was founded in 1983 by Lars Haukeland, Pål Henry Engh and Ola Aasness. In their own words, “LPO is a tool for creating good spaces for learning, working, traveling and living”. 

The Studio, with HQ in Oslo and branches in Svalbard, Lillehammer and Bohuslän, has the competence to take on all types of assignments in the field of architecture, always striving to create added value – for the environment, society and the people.

What makes you go for a rubber flooring in a project? Is it an obvious choice, given the purpose of the building (for example a school, a hospital) or is it a creative decision?

We used Artigo Rubber Flooring in our own architectural office. 

Our original floor had to be replaced because of discoloration, but we really liked the idea of a plain color “with some shine”, a luminous effect, therefore we started looking for a surface that suited these needs. 

As architects we are fascinated by rubber floors as a natural material and we found the color we were looking for within Artigo’s plain color selection (U54 from the Nd/Uni collection, NDR).


Do you think that rubber, as a concept, adds value to a project? Which are, in your experience and opinion, the “winning” features of rubber as a material for floors?

It is a very nice material and, with the focus on the environment, is a natural material and that is a plus.

It looks nice and it is very comfortable, it feels good to walk upon it.

Color, texture or surface value (plain vs studded): what makes you most excited when working with a rubber flooring?

Architects are often looking for clean and sober surfaces. Therefore we want a homogeneous, plain color flooring.

It is often a struggle to include this in projects but, when it gets green-lighted, it is usually very successful.

Rubber makes it possible to create plain surfaced floors where seams are not visible, leaving a beautiful continuous surface.

Is there a “dream project” in your desk featuring rubber floorings?

Well, no (laughs).

When working on a project, we never start with a product, but with the essence of what we want to accomplish.

As the project moves on, we start looking for means to accomplish these ideas.

If we are looking for continuously surfaced floors, and wood or natural stone are not considered because of some conditions related to the final use, rubber flooring definitely becomes a good choice.

Certain qualities of rubber floorings, such as low emissions and LEED credits make them extremely “a la page” given the current high level of attention towards ecology and sustainable architecture.

How do you see the future for rubber floorings?

We think that the producers of building materials ought to have a clear focus of the impact their products have on the environment.

This includes everything: from the material itself, how it is produced, how it is transported around the world, how it is to be maintained and disposed of.

Artigo products demonstrate a strong commitment regarding all these factors, so rubber floorings should have a bright future ahead!

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