Flooring for Outpatient Facilities, Medical Clinics and Dental Clinics

Rubber flooring installations for clinics, medical and counselling centres.

Artigo produces and designs rubber flooring expressly designed to meet the needs and resolve the problems that may arise in outpatient facilities, medical clinics and dental clinics. The architectural design of a clinic or outpatient facility with medical functions is based on three pillars: functionality, hygiene and aesthetic appearance. The solutions designed by Artigo not only guarantee full compliance with health and building regulations, but also contribute to creating a welcoming and friendly environment to put patients at ease in a stressful situation.

Properties of Artigo flooring for surgeries, medical clinics and dental clinics

There are a few clear guidelines for the flooring used in outpatient facilities and dental clinics:

  • The entrances and corridors are subject to heavy pedestrian traffic, therefore they must ensure a high degree of wear resilience.
  • Waiting rooms and family rooms need to be comforting and intimate environments. An objective that can be easily achieved thanks to the wide colour range of the Artigo collection, which allows to combine colours and shades to obtain a “warm” and relaxing environment.
  • Flooring, especially in corridors, must help to muffle the noise of footsteps: in this sense, the Artigo X-Elastic line acoustic flooring guarantee noise absorption up to 21 dB.
  • The GECA, BLUE ANGEL, GREENGUARD, GREENGUARD GOLD certifications obtained for many of our products provide the guarantee that our flooring designed for indoor use comply with strict emission limits of potentially harmful substances into the air inside buildings, and which therefore contribute to the creation of healthier indoor environments.
  • Comfort: The anti-fatigue properties of rubber flooring are due to its incomparable elasticity. This feature makes it particularly comfortable in all work environments.

What guarantee the Artigo rubber flooring for medical and dental clinics


In terms of functionality, flooring is required to be long lasting, resistant to the loads of medical devices and dental chairs, resilient in the face of high level traffic and easy to maintain. All these requirements are fully satisfied by Artigo rubber flooring, which guarantee a long duration over time without ever degrading their functional performance.


On a hygienic level, Artigo surfaces are naturally bacteriostatic and are laid with a reduced number of seams, to minimize the risk of bacterial outbreaks. Daily cleaning operations can be quickly carried out by professional staff using specific products with optimal results in terms of hygiene.