Flooring for dialysis centres

Installation of rubber flooring for medical centres specialised in dialysis services..

Artigo rubber flooring represent a powerful creative means available to designers, who can make the most of the variety of colours and textures offered by the collection, combined with the possibility of crafting actual decorations on the surface, to create dynamic dialysis centres that are pleasant to visit continuously and equipped with all comforts.

Properties of Artigo flooring for dialysis centres

There are a few clear guidelines for the flooring used in dialysis centres :

  • entrances and corridors are subject to heavy pedestrian traffic, therefore the flooring must be resistant to wear;
  • at the same time, it must help dampen the sound of footsteps as much as possible;
  • the theatres in which the operations take place require a comfortable and intimate atmosphere at the same time as guaranteeing maximum hygiene;
  • armchairs and dialysis equipment can cause impressions in the flooring: Artigo surfaces have proven to be extremely resistant
  • The GECA, BLUE ANGEL, GREENGUARD, GREENGUARD GOLD certifications obtained for many of our products provide the guarantee that our flooring designed for indoor use comply with strict emission limits of potentially harmful substances into the air inside buildings, and which therefore contribute to the creation of healthier indoor environments.
  • Comfort: The anti-fatigue properties of rubber flooring are due to its incomparable elasticity. This feature makes it particularly comfortable in all work environments

The advantages of Artigo’s proposals for dialysis centres

For patients who need dialysis treatment, an appointment with the medical centre is a constant in which the aesthetic appearance of the clinic is essential.
Similarly, the hygiene, durability and resilience characteristics are primary aspects of the project for the medical staff.

  • The continuous rubber, naturally bacteriostatic, non-porous and almost monolithic surface, guarantees maximum surface hygiene. However, it must be emphasized that rubber, as a natural material and free of plasticisers, requires special attention so that it does not come into prolonged contact with liquids leaking from equipment, which would compromise its characteristics.
  • The cleaning operations of Artigo rubber flooring are part of the routine of specialized operators in healthcare facilities, using professional cleaning products. In this way it is possible to guarantee maximum hygiene in a short time and with simple operations.