Operating theatre floors

Flooring for operating theatres must guarantee the highest level of hygiene at all times, despite being subjected to intensive use. The natural bacteriostatic nature of rubber, combined with the limited number of seams, prevents the proliferation of bacteria. The rubber surfaces are highly resilient, therefore long lasting and guarantee optimal performance throughout their long life.

Properties of Artigo flooring for surgery

  • The surface of Artigo hospital flooring is not porous. It can be sealed at the seams and therefore does not offer spaces for bacteria to multiply.
  • Artigo rubber flooring for operating theatres doesn’t open at the seams, since no plasticisers are used and the flooring doesn’t shrink over time.
  • Rubber flooring for operating theatres can be effectively and quickly cleaned with professional tools, allowing operations to be resumed in a short period time.
  • Where the protection of sophisticated electronic instruments present in operating theatres is required, ANT48 dissipative floorings are available which, suitably laid with conductive glue on a network of copper strips, allow the electrostatic charges to be earthed.
  • The GECA, BLUE ANGEL, GREENGUARD, GREENGUARD GOLD certifications obtained for many of our products provide the guarantee that our flooring designed for indoor use comply with strict emission limits of potentially harmful substances into the air inside buildings, and which therefore contribute to the creation of healthier indoor environments.
  • Comfort: The anti-fatigue properties of rubber flooring are due to its incomparable elasticity. This feature makes it particularly comfortable in all work environments.