Flooring for Universities

Rubber flooring for universities. The approach to learning in universities differs from that taken in lower level schools. The traditional approach calls for large halls with ample seating capacity, paired with a series of spaces designed for studying individually or in small groups.
The environments are less structured than those found in traditional schools, and are meant to foster a higher degree of autonomy in time-management and learning strategies, responding to each student's individual preferences.

University settings are designed to be comfortable and dynamic, often featuring a variety of shapes whose functionality is associated with an exclusive aesthetic that helps encourage a sense of identity and belonging.

Architectural components such as hallways and stairs are an important part of the whole and benefit from Artigo flooring, which ensures comfort and reduces the sound of footsteps.

Advantages of rubber flooring for universities

  • Reduces the sound of footsteps, especially in hallways and shared spaces.
  • Slip resistance.
  • Walking comfort.
  • Allows for the creation of distinctive architectural features.
  • Internal air quality, thanks to very low emissions.
  • Easy and quick every-day cleaning.
  • Saves on water, energy and detergents.
  • Thin, lightweight flooring, very suitable for renovations.