Adolfsbergs school

Primary school surfacing with rubber flooring BS Strong

Adolfsberg School is an innovative school designed to provide exceptional educational conditions, built with passive technology for very low energy consumption.

The building of 8100 sqm, featuring 2400 sqm of our own BS Strong rubber flooring in M120 Desert color, was designed  by LLP Arkitektkontor and is home to 660 students, from grade five to nine.

The building is a so-called passive house that meets the international standard IGPH. Throughout the whole building, rooms have been made into larger-than-usual classrooms, with integrated group functions.

The rooms are organized around open squares that provide supplementary group opportunities, from individual work to gathering of larger groups in the large common staircase. The interior has been designed to turn the whole school into a study environment. Color scheme and material selection have been adapted for a role-filled environment with the best possible acoustics, another aspect in which our rubber flooring plays a crucial role.

Wooden paneling in pine, boards of birch and all other materials have been used in their natural color.


Photographs: Åke E:son Lindman