B:Hive at Smales Farm / Auckland

Co-working space, surfacing of common areas and stairs with Zero.4 rubber flooring

“The B:Hive concept has been conceived by Smales Farm as the first step in the transformation of a twentieth-century office park to a twenty-first century engaged urban hub” say the architects at BVN firm in Sydney.

The five-level building, hosting a co-working office and multi tenanted small-medium businesses, finds its heart in the spiralling orange staircase, entirely covered with our Zero.4 rubber flooring (designed by Sottsass Associati) in Y510 color for a total surface of 350 sqm.

The architects say: “The connecting stair is located close to the entry, encouraging people to walk through the building rather than take the lift, providing opportunities to engage, meet, observe and participate.”

The project recently won the Interior Architecture Award at the 2019 NZIA Auckland Architecture: “The spiral stair inside this co-working space acts as a magnificently inspirational bright orange ribbon” the jury said.


Photo credits Ben Levy Photography