Breivang High School - Tromsø

School rubber surfacing with studded flooring BS Classic

Voted one of Norway’s best architectural-designed buildings, Breivang High School stands out for its large glass surfaces on the east and south facades.

The whole school is used for learning: balconies and common areas serve as teaching venues and classrooms. Breivang is currently attended by 350 students, following four education programs focused on craft, design, media and tourism.

The building features one of our most iconic floorings, the BS Classic “studded” collection, for a total surface of more than 3000 sqm including classes, labs – notably, the hairdressing workshop – and is completed by our matching Fullstep Stairsystem.

The library, centrally located in the school building, won the award for best library in Norway in 2008. The building also features a 75-seats auditorium.


Photos: Hanne Jørgensen