Cassano D’Adda Music Center

concert house and cultural center surfacing with rubber flooring Nd/Uni

Cassano d’Adda is one of the many small towns scattered in the plain between Milano and Bergamo, sitting on the banks of the Adda river.

The Music Center was born to become a resource for the town and all the surrounding territory, a catchment area of approximately 160.000 people. From an architectural point of view, it is also meant to represent a physical “center”, a nexus, a focus for an area charachterized by mostly private homes.

The building was designed to provide flexibility: for example the foyer can accommodate events, exhibitions or little concerts like an internal square.

Near the lobby, a 300-seat auditorium and commercial spaces (like a cafeteria or a music store) without interior partitions can expand its activity in the adjacent spaces and operate independently from the Music Center.

A music school is located on the second floor, strictly connected with others functions and spaces.

Almost a graphic element, the walls covered in press-formed perforated white metal are the main feature of the first two levels.

The foyer is a great hollow space that connects different levels and brings together all the activities.

The project has been developed with the participation of local authorities, music teachers, local performing associations and a representation of users. The Center has been conceived as a house of music, open to the community, a public place where people can meet and interact.

Artigo’s contribution to the project was the supply of rubber flooring Nd/Uni (solid color) in three tones: U105 (orange) – U 18 (blue) – U107 (green). It’s very interesting to point out that the choice of the rubber flooring allowed the architects to design the stairs in the very same colors, turning them into a focal point of the open space. The total surface of rubber covering for steps, a standard product in Artigo’s catalogue, amounts to 566 sqm.

Since the stairs also provide the seating in the auditorium, Artigo’s rubber is the material that makes sure the public is seated comfortably during concerts.

Photo credits: Filippo Romano