Children Hospital Regina Margherita

Pediatric Onco-Hematology


Child hospital surfacing with rubber flooring Nd/Uni

The Onco-hematology ward in the Children Hospital Queen Margherita in Turin is made of 16 single rooms and common spaces dedicated to play, learn and for parents.

The design of the ward is characterised by illustrations and quotes on the walls, linked to the concept of nature.

The projects, as well as the Isola di Margherita ward and the Emergency Room, is by Studio Miroglio+Lupica, who guide us through the long corridor with these words: “We wanted to bring nature inside the hospital, but in a dream-like way. The harmony of nature is evoked rather than represented. We want to encourage discovery and create empathy among the young patients”.

Each room has a private bath and features a bookcase, a desk and an armchair for visitors.

The ward, with a surface of 1000 sqm, features our own Nd/Uni rubber flooring in the U99 color.