Øksnevad Farming School – Klepp

school surfacing with rubber flooring Granito and Kayar

Øksnevad School is a public school with programs encompassing agronomy, agriculture, livestock, gardening, fishing and construction.

Øksnevad is not just a school – but also a well-run farm, nursery, Equestrian Center, nature school and a school of general studies.

All fields contain two important subjects – nature-based production and nature-based activities.

As expected, the school puts great emphasis on practical activities, but as the beautiful auditorium suggests, there is always time for lectures and theoretical studies. For this project we contributed our Granito and Kayar flooring, designed by Sottsass Associati, in four colors. On a side note, the reality show “Superbonden” (Superfarmer) is shot on location in the School farm and premises.