Office building Pohjoinen Makasiinikatu · Helsinki

Office building stairs renewal with rubber flooring Natura

Synopsis Architects is a Helsinki-based architectural firm specialised in renovation projects. The original building in this project, in central Helsinki, was designed for a bank by Finnish architect Antero Pernaja. The building features two staircases, one built in 1943 (the staircase with a glass wall) and the other in 1952 (the staircase with the brass railing).

The staircases had gone under several changes, mostly during the 1980’s. “In our project” say the architects, “the aim was to restore as much of the original feel (colours, materials, details) as possible. We found small bits of the original flooring in the 1952 staircase and proceeded to look for a similar material to use in the restoration. The original flooring was marble imitation rubber”

The choice then came to our rubber flooring Natura in two colours, NA12 and NA09, for a total surface of 740 sqm.

The final result is a fascinating blend of old and modern, a perfect balance between conserving the past and introducing new elements.

Photos by Synopsis Architects