Sommerlyst School – Tromsø

school surfacing with rubber flooring Grain

Since 2015, the oldest school in Tromso municipality has a brand new building. “The new school is future-oriented, with a flexible learning environment. It combines the flexibility of base school with the framework of classroom teaching”, says Tromsø commissioner for education Anna Amdal Fyhn.

The new building comes with a double gymnasium and the ability to accommodate youth, and a department with a facilitated SFO for young people with special needs.

The project by Filter Arkitekter covers a total surface of 8500 sqm, of which almost 7000 are covered with our Grain flooring in the HG117 color. Grain is one of our “patterned” surfaces, featuring randomly distributed multicoloured granules.

The institution has over 500 students: a large “and quite complicated” school in the words of the rector herself, Maria Holst, with 21 classes. “We give all pupils adapted teaching, and the school is constantly evolving”.