TON showroom

shop surfacing with rubber flooring Nd/Uni

Design meets design in this brand-new showroom in Ostrava. TON is a brand going back to 1861, when world-renowed designer Michael Thonet founded the first plant. Today TON (the abbreviation standing for Továrna Ohýbaného Nábytku – bent furniture factory) is a modern company still treasuring and using the same unique technique of wood-bending.

The new showroom was designed to make such outstanding products look their best. A frame of nude concrete walls is completed by our own Nd/Uni in two colors, U110 and U120.

The rubber flooring’s properties make it suitable for use in busy commercial areas such as the showroom: high resistance (load classes 23, 34 and 43, including the highest industrial load), great acoustic-insulating properties and easy maintenance.

photo credits Vladimír Kiva Novotný