Triennale – Milano

Exhibition space surfacing with smooth rubber flooring Kayar.

Our own Kayar flooring has been chosen by Andrea Branzi for his new exhibition “The Multicultural Metropolis” that can be visited in Milano’s Triennale.

The exhibition enrolls through of a series of simple wooden “benches” where mass-consumerism products (a constant in Branzi’s line of thought since the ‘60s) sit alongside portraits of people of different ethnicities.

The benches look unrefined and playful, conjuring the image of a local artisan in India or South America who gave in to his inner child with some scraps he had laying around. The photos have a “family portrait” feel to them, like they were taken out of the house to have some new, unexpected guests have a look at them.

The Exhibition focuses on the themes of globalization and identity, using the sharp contrast between mass products and fragile personal memories as a tool to tell stories on the verge of vanishing.