Villa Annunziata Healthcare – Castel Rocchero (AT)

Hospital surfacing with rubber flooringND/UNI

Founded in 1986, the Villa Annunziata Healthcare Facility has undergone a substancial reformation in 2016.

The intervention, directed by fARCHITECTS studio, focused on sustainability: Architect Federico Pavese, Leed Green Associate and Passive House Accredited Designer, says: “Architecture, technology, safety, quality of life, sustainability and territory are all parts of a unique thinking process. Our goal is to create a building that can be efficient and friendly. We pursue through ’humanization’ the psychological and physical well-being of the patients”.

It was with this goal in mind that our rubber floorings were chosen: resilient, easy-to-clean and noise-reducing, our Nd/Uni and BS Classic are featured throughout the new building for a total surface of more than 2300 sqm. The West Wing, currently under construction, will also feature more than 500 sqm of our floors as well. The possibilities given by the use of different colors were another reason fARCHITECTS chose Artigo: “We were able to make the different zones instantly recognizable through colors, at the same time stimulating senses and creating familiar paths for the patients”.

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