Then & Now

Torino National Library / A project in time


The National Library in Turin was founded in 1723.

The construction of the new site, in Carlo Alberto Square, began in 1957, directed by a team that comprised architects Massimo Amodei, Pasquale Carbonara, Italo Insolera, Aldo Livadiotti, Antonio Quistelli. The project was concluded in 1973.

That same year the original rubber flooring by Artigo was laid  with a total surface of 10000 sqm – the very same flooring visitors encounter today, in great conditions and fundamental in the aesthetic definition of the architectural space.


In 2019 Artigo came back to National Library, this time to complete the renovated entry hall, designed by Diego Giachello of Officina delle Idee.

The flooring is our Nd/Uni U21.