White is a color

Technically called an achromatic tonality, the color white in an architectural setting becomes an emotional thing, creates responses, affects the mood and the working performances.
That is why it should be considered a color in its own right, constantly in a dynamic relationship with spaces, light and furniture features.
The white palette of the Artigo collection is rich in tones, ranging from the icy to the warm, with single-color shades and textured surfaces as well, featuring granules or natural fibers.
The land of whites is an architectural theme that encompasses all fields, from office to healthcare.


Working in white

Wellbeing and comfort is becoming more and more the most important focus when designing a working environment. The assumption being that positive vibes and empathy are key contributions to enhanced performance.
Work-space design is cozy, multi-layered, holding emotions in great importance, communicating a sense of belonging and freedom. In this case, the use of a white palette, cold or warm, gives a “light boost” to the ambience and contributes to a better working atmosphere.


A study in white

Public spaces dedicated to culture, libraries and universities in particular, crave more and more for affection: they want to grow beyond mere functionality and become beacons of belonging, sought-after places, specifically-intended destinations. Experience becomes a value.
In the case of the Faculty of Phantéon-Assas, the sense of community, the feeling of collective experience are meant to be most prominent features in the architectural project.
That is why the monumental hall conveys a feeling of awe, with high windows and futuristic, cloud-shaped ceiling. The colour palette runs through the most aethereal tones, with warm white as the primary colour.


The color of healing

In medical architecture, the design of the spaces plays a fundamental part in the process of healing – it is amply proven by scientific research.
Patients look for experts: they want to trust medics and want to be heard. The design of the places they find themselves in becomes an important factor when building their trust.
Again, the use of whites suggests first of all the highest level of hygiene, but it goes deeper than that: it is an important contribution on the road to recovery through the “creation” of positive and uplifting feelings.

Bologna FC / Bologna

White as identity

Architecture plays an important part in giving form to a brand identity: the white palette can become the ideal background on which brand colors can shine.
In the case of Technical Centre Niccolò Galli, home to Bologna Football Club, the social colors blue and red – made with two tones of our own collection – are a constant feature in every room: a strong presence made “soft” and relaxed by the neutral background.