Artigo moodboards

#4: Yellow

They say every good project starts with a moodboard: a way to give physical presence to the feelings, the subtleties, the goals every designer has in their minds. Putting down materials, finishings and inspirations on a table; creating a contact, a relationship, a strong bond or an even stronger contrast. The moodboard is a roadmap, a canvas, a tactile reference point and even «a bridge» between the designer and the client. In this new series, we will explore the potentials of the Artigo collection in helping define moods, styles and visions.

The ultra-small rubber particles that define the design of Dharma recall ripe grapefruits, saffron, ancient roads…

We created a palette that looks to the past with limestone, rusted metal, elderberry: the result is astonishingly modern. 

Yellow is a joy, a fresh start, perfect for a serene surrounding.

Let’s call it mellow yellow: a story in Southern California that starts with nostalgia and ends up being timeless. 

Yellow Zeus, paired with linen and alcantara, is the color of an endless summer.

Yellow is the color of mornings, and in schools or in kindergartens, yellow Grain is the colour of the sun.

We imagined an all-yellow palette where rubber is paired with cotton, plastic and yellow wall paint to create a safe, joyous environment.