McCann offices · Bucharest

Office surfacing with rubber flooring BS Classic

Drawing from Bucharest’s industrial heritage, Corvin Cristian Studio used reclaimed brick, metal, concrete and and our own BS Classic rubber flooring in designing McCann’s flexible and open area offices.

The offices are located in One Eliade Tower, part of a development built around the former Ford factory. Architect Corvin Cristian says: «We used industrial elements, opting for simplicity and utility. The partitions made of reclaimed old brick, metal frame glass partitions, rubber flooring, bare concrete, wire fencing, glass bricks, plywood, etc. make use of similar materials, proportions and technique as ones in the neighbouring historical building».

Most furniture pieces in the lounge and open areas are design classics of the 30’s and 40’s, a hint to the golden era of advertising. Not only these unexpected elements are a reverence to the history of the place but have a disrupting effect to the otherwise typical corporate building.

Our own BS Classic studded rubber flooring proved to be the perfect choice to convey a feeling of post-industrial design.