Where the children play

The architecture of a kindergarten or nursery must account for the unique perspective of children in order to achieve ultimate safety while crafting a setting that is enjoyable, playful and a wellspring of positive sensations.

Children are stimulated as they experience their environment through play and movement: the elasticity and variety of colours afforded by Artigo rubber flooring are precious allies and simplify the designer’s mission to create surroundings that are beneficial for a child’s first experiences in learning and play.

In kindergartens and nursery schools, children often come into close contact with flooring: guaranteeing absolute hygiene is therefore crucial, which is why Artigo flooring for kindergartens and nursery schools is naturally bacteriostatic.

The kindergarten in the city of Spino d’Adda follows the philosophy of the Montessori method of education, emphasizing independence, seeing children as naturally eager for knowledge and capable of learning in a supportive and well-prepared learning environment (“Help me do it alone”).

The building is designed to follow the new dynamics of education, with a flexible layout where all subdivisions have been erased.

design Jure Kotnik


The first kindergarten in the Carinthia Region built entirely in wood, the building proves to be a low energy house, the full-wall timber construction from local wood ensuring the highest standard in sustainable construction.

Extensive insulation, high quality isolated windows and low energy consumption (below 32kWh/sqm) make the building energy efficient.

The name means “The View” and rightly so: perched over the hills in the coast town of Harstad, in Troms county, this nursery offers beautiful views over the city, the fjord and the mountains.

Imbued with the values of the Reggio Emilia Approach, the educational philosophy developed psychologist Loris Malaguzzi based on “the hundred languages” that children are endowed with, The View focuses on outdoor activities and healthy diet.

A broad diversity of spaces with differing qualities are structured around paths, bridges and squares, making the Kinderhaus St. Elisabeth “a small-scale adventure area”.

In this scheme, the new building takes on the role of a distribution centre. The foyer on the lower level is virtually vacant apart from the cloakroom.

Upstairs, everything is arranged around an open gallery which allows angles of view through the new part and leads to the group spaces in the existing components.

In a specially designed space, the educational and pedagogical project developed by the structure aims to promote the awakening and autonomy of the children through play and activities.

Wherever child security, hygiene and safety are required, our rubber floorings proved to be the ultimate choice. The creche makes full use of our X-Elastic acoustic rubber floorings, from the Grain and Kayar collections