Performance for Education

The University Campus in Forlì comes from the conversion of an old hospital of the early twentieth century very close to the old town centre and it has been inaugurated in 2007. The area of the campus covers nearly 9 hectares and includes six departments: Linguistic, Sociological, Historical, Political, Political-Administrative, Business Economics, Legal and Economic-Mathematical.The Campus in figures: – 270 professors – 10,000 students – 35,000 sqm of public park. During 2014 the second phase was completed by building four brand new elements: the three teaching bodies and the connecting architectonic system known as the « trefolo » ( the strand ), the pedestrian path that serves the three blocks and which is the backbone of the new university. The « trefolo » is the most complex part of the structure both for its geometry and the constructive elements that form it and it represents the intersecting of the primary university functions: teaching, high-education, research.The engineers who designed the strand received a prestigious international award in New Orleans, the « Excellence in Structural Engineering Award 2014 » in the « New Buildings » category. The project of the Campus has also an experimental value in terms of sustainable development as it is based on a system of district heating and cogeneration (CHP) for production of both thermal and electric energy with primary production of hot fluid in the Energy House, which serves a wide area surrounding the campus. Artigo has been since years fully committed to meet environmental requirements and it combines the functional aspects of its floorings with the aesthetic dimension; in this cutting edge and environmentally sustainable context our products were chosen for traffic areas, study rooms, the lecture halls and stairs.- 5,400 sqm of GRANITO Elastic 4 mm for the common areas and the lecture halls,- 550 sqm GRANITO 2 mm for classrooms. The technical choice of an “acoustic” product (Granito Elastic) is certainly suggested for such areas and in particular in a case like this in which the Architects decided to mix the distribution component of the building with open study areas. Granito Elastic in fact contributes to a reduction of impact noise up to 20 dB and we could say that in this case the performance of our product is actually the key to a better education. Copyright© Moreno Maggi