Children Hospital Regina Margherita

Onco-Hematology Examining Rooms


Child hospital surfacing with rubber flooring Dharma

The Children Hospital Regina Margherita in Turin continues to grow and expand, always keeping in stride with its prime mission of healing the youngest.

The total surface of 1120 sqm is divided in 12 examining rooms, 2 medical dispatches, tre offices, three hospital rooms and a break-room.

After the Isola di Margherita ward, the Emergency Room and the Pediatric Onco-Hematology ward, the new Examining rooms were designed, as all previous structures, by Studio Miroglio+Lupica, continuing in their ongoing effort to «humanise» hospital wards using colours and illustrations.

This time our newest rubber flooring, Dharma, was introduced into the complex, in a multitude of colours (D18 – D20 -D05 – D06 – D02 – D17 – D19) for a total surface of 1100 sqm, the whole surface of the ward.