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PROJET C.F. Møller

PHOTOS Mark Hadden

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The building is home to around 1600 researchers and staff. Modern research requires complex environments, with groups of users in need of dynamic, stimulating spaces. These are sustainable constructions that become a point of attraction for its context and for local citizens. The centre has four buildings gathered around a full height atrium, with large skylights to let in the sunlight and facades entirely in glass. The large green atrium, which is the heart of the building, becomes the ideal continuation of the campus park. This gives Biomedicum a space that reinforces interdisciplinarity, meeting and knowledge-sharing in an informal, relaxed environment. The laboratories were the focus of our intervention as well, where we provided our Nd/Uni rubber flooring in custom color U127 for a total surface of 20.000 sqm. Rubber proved once again to be the best choice for laboratories, due to its features of resilience, hygiene, anti-microbial properties and the possibility of thorough cleaning.



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