Cool Culture

Museums are increasingly becoming the marketplace of the 21st century, the new open space where people come together. Architect Katja Hogenboom believes that museums «can become the new public face of the city, a wellspring of culture and information». Museums and music halls are also some of the coolest places you might walk into today. So let’s take a look at some of the most exciting museums and places of culture that feature our rubber floorings.

Art Institute Modern Wing

Project by Renzo Piano Design Workshop

Photos by Beppe Raso

“Light is not enough for a museum to be perfect. There is also a need for calm, serenity and sensuality linked to the contemplation of art works”. Renzo Piano’s words sum up his design approach in the definition of the Modern Wing of the Art Institute of Chicago. The Patrick G. and Shirley W. Ryan Education Center overlooks the Millennium Park on the first floor : an area dedicated to families, meetings and training. 

chanel mobile art

Project by Zaha Hadid Architects


The pavilion is a perfect marriage between of the iconic smooth flow of lines marking Zaha Hadid’s style and Chanel’s typical elegance. Thanks to the new digital modelling tools the unit becomes a living sculpture far away from the typical idea of “building”. Its form looks like is always turning into something different. 


Project by Knud Munk

Photos by Hanne Jørgensen

The story of Grieg’s own “Hall” is similarly epic: early talks go back to 1894, after Grieg himself had directed for two years the Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra.

On May 12, 1978, the 1500-seats Grieghallen, designed by Danish architect Knud Munk, was officially opened with a performance of Grieg’s Norwegian Dances.


Project by Andrea Branzi

Photos by Gianluca Di Ioia

Andrea Branzi chose our own Kayar for his exhibition “The Multicultural Metropolis” that can be hosetd in Milano’s Triennale.

The exhibition enrolled through of a series of simple wooden “benches” where mass-consumerism products (a constant in Branzi’s line of thought since the ‘60s) sit alongside portraits of people of different ethnicities.

Music Center
Cassano d'Adda

Project by Dap Studio

Photos by Filippo Romano

The Center has been conceived as a house of music, open to the community, a public place where people can meet and interact.

Since the stairs also provide the seating in the auditorium, Artigo’s rubber makes sure the public is seated comfortably during concerts.