Micro-crèche · Bailly

Kindergarten rubber surfacing with acoustic flooring Granito X-Elastic

Located in the heart of Bailly, this micro-crèche is a rehabilitation of an old barn.The project by Modal-Architecture studio is organised on two floors: ground floor is reserved for children with a living room, access to the garden, changing room and two dormitories. 1st floor is reserved for staff.A great example of preserving the past while giving it a new purpose, the refurbishment was made easier thanks to the use of our own rubber floorings. The choice of the X-Elastic version ensures a reduction of the noise due to treading, which is ideal in a kindergarten.

The crèche welcomes children in a friendly, reassuring and warm atmosphere with healthy, secure and harmonious spaces. Each room is furnished and decorated around the theme of nature, life and wood. A spacious activity room and a fully secure outdoor space allow children to flourish according to their desires and needs.


photo credits Cyrille Lallement