Simone Veil school · Brest

School rubber surfacing with smooth flooring Granito and Nd/Uni

The Simone Veil school group located in the city center of Brest now brings together two establishments, elementary and kindergarten, previously separated.

The architectural project by Bigre! Architecture consists of the rehabilitation of the two buildings, the creation of a covered passage between them and a courtyard at the level of the kindergarten courtyard.

In terms of outdoor spaces, a forecourt has been created at the front of the school, both a public space and a waiting area for parents. The treatment of the courses consisted of a graphic marking on the ground, delimiting sports and play areas.

On the inside, the architects made ample use of our rubber floorings, using both Granito and Nd/Uni in different colors:

  • 851.2m² G431
  • 292.6² G342
  • 133m² G308
  • 57m² U108
  • 95m² U130
  • 76m² U20


Photos credits Jean Philippe Corre