Framtidens Laboratorium- Karolinska Institute

Laboratory surfacing with rubber floorings Grain and Kayar

Framtidens Laboratorium is located next to the Karolinska University Hospital in Huddinge, south of Stockholm city. The project comprises the new research building, Neo, and the conversion of seven floors of the adjacent ANA Futura.

The Neo building, designed by LINK arkitektur, reflects a distinct concept: the idea of discovery, an experience in movement. Arriving in the colourful entrance hall inspires a feeling of wonder and exploration.

Once in the atrium, the entire laboratory reveals itself: the illuminated walls and decor of the glass partitions of the laboratories induce a sensation of being in a cold and frosty landscape. The public floor and auditoriums resemble the earth’s interior, with dark muddy tones. Higher up, the future is rendered in sharp blue-green tones.

The project challenges ideas of traditional lab environments, since several of the laboratories open out to adjoining corridors, to facilitate spontaneous meetings. A high degree of flexibility and commonality was thus achieved, which supports the collaboration that various operations seek to establish.

Once again our rubber floorings proved to be the best choice for a laboratory setting, with Grain (HG115, HG116) and Kayar (K133, K104, K102, K73) being extensively used for a total surface of more than 2000 sqm.