Asilo Pietra Porzia – Frascati, Italia

Kindergarten surfacing with smooth rubber flooring Kayar.

The new kindergarden of the City of Frascati has been designed according to advanced educational criteria. The efforts resulted in an environment in which all elements are drawing children’s curiosity and stimulating them to be active while the spaces, internal and external, are designed for the wellbeing of children and adults. Currently it houses 60 children, and it features three laboratories and common areas for playing and meeting. The kindergarden, almost entirely in one single floor, is built around an open space with an open patio overlooking the garden. The roof is covered by solar panels for the production of both hot water and electricity. All the materials and the construction elements have been chosen and designed to achieve a feel of warmth and to stimulate interest and playful thinking The colours are arranged in a minimal way just enough to define the spaces without over-saturating them.