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All Artigo rubber floors are antistatic. ANT48 floors also feature static dissipative characteristics (ESD) and are therefore able to protect sophisticated electronic components and equipment by dissipating the electrostatic charges that accumulate during operations.

In areas where static electricity is potentially harmful to electronic equipment and components, it is necessary to create additional protection from discharges even of small intensity and not noticeable by the human being. This protection is obtained with adequate systems and earthing aimed at limiting and dissipating in a controlled way all the electrostatic charges generated in the environment. The flooring must also be designed for this purpose, being an integral part of the system; Artigo proposes ANT48 dissipative floors (according to EN 14041) which, installed with conductive adhesives and adequate earthing systems (copper strips), allow precisely electrostatic dissipation in a controlled way in order to avoid harmful effects on ESD (Electrostatic Sensitive) equipment Device).

The areas sensitive to this problem are typically related to companies that produce electronic components, data centers, pharmaceutical companies, and all cases in which equipment sensitive to electrostatic charges exists.

The permanent conductivity of the floor over time, the resistance of the rubber to small burns , and the continuity of the floor are certainly characteristics of value and interest guaranteed by our ANT48 rubber floors.


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