Interior Rubber Flooring

Artigo has been producing rubber flooring for interiors since 1962. Artigo indoor rubber flooring is mainly used in settings where large numbers of people move about, both public buildings (schools, hospitals and museums) and private facilities (offices and places of work).

Natural properties of rubber flooring

Artigo rubber surfacing is produced in Italy at our plant in Cairo Montenotte, in the province of Savona. Rubber is a material with few equals in terms of resistance and elasticity. These properties are brought out to the full by the Artigo production process, for flooring with great resilience.
Artigo indoor rubber flooring is manufactured from synthetic and natural rubber, along with natural pigments and, at times, special ingredients, like coconut fibre in the case of the Kayar collection.
At the end of the processing phase, the rubber forms a continuous ribbon and is perfectly level, with a thickness of 2 to 5 mm. The surface is devoid of imperfections, variations in thickness and structural defects.

Advantages of Artigo rubber flooring

  • Manufactured in Italy using natural and industrial raw materials, with natural pigments and ingredients.
  • Guarantees internal air quality thanks to very low emissions.
  • Exceptionally resilient.
  • Colours resistant to the effects of light and time.
  • Easy to clean with no need for waxing, which minimises the cost of maintenance.
  • Helps achieve exceptional hygiene standards.
  • Significantly dampens the sound of footsteps, reducing the level of noise pollution.
  • Offers the safety of slip resistance.
  • Complies with the main international environmental certifications.
  • Excellent walking comfort.
  • Devoid of PVC, PCP, formaldehyde, halogens and heavy metals.
  • Thin and lightweight, ideal for renovations.
  • Complies with the most stringent international fire-resistance regulations.