Campus Einaudi – Torino, Italia

University campus surfacing with smooth rubber flooring Multifloor Nd Uni.

Rediscovering, reclaiming, repurposing: in an post-industrial area, rich in history, the project masterminded by Foster & Partners creates a new “home for learning” for our times and for times to come.

In times of heavy industry, the banks of the Dora river in Turin were the home of the Italgas factory.
It’s 2013 in the New Luigi Einaudi Campus of Turin University (named after the second president of the Italian republic) and knowledge is flourishing. “The design”, in the words of the world-renowned architects, “is a modern interpretation of the traditional cloistered quadrangle, formed of two linked buildings, unified by a single roof canopy and arranged around a central courtyard”. Of particular interest is the Library dedicated to philosopher Norberto Bobbio, designed by Camerana & Partners studio. With a surface of 10.000 sqm, 26 km of shelves house more than 600.000 volumes. The Library has been the focus of our work as well, providing Nd/Uni flooring in 8 special custom-made shades, identifying each floor of the building thanks to the different colors.

As is customary in our approach, we also provided flooring for the classes, the conference rooms, the offices and all the stairs.