Children Hospital Regina Margherita

Emergency Room


Child hospital surfacing with rubber flooring Nd/Uni

“An idea of Journey is the common theme between the two environments of the Emergency Room” explains Architect Sara Miroglio of Miroglio+Lupica. “The healing process is represented with the help of six cartoon characters, six animals from the surroundings, that become virtual companions for the young patients”.
The Triage has been turned into a red magic bus, the first step in the healing process.
“The characters, created in collaboration with Luisella Cresto, were chosen to evoke a natural reality that would be accessible and recognisable for the children. We wanted to make the hospital setting more comfortable and pleasant. We were really aiming for identification between the characters and the kids, so that a tale would be born. Even a tale that the parents could tell to make time pass easier”.

For this project we provided our own Nd/Uni rubber flooring (same as in the previous Isola di Margherita ward) and this time also Screed was used for the Triage, for a total surface of almost 1000 sqm.