Crèche Jules Guesde – Paris

nursery surfacing with rubber flooring Nd/Uni

This nursery, named after politician and writer Jules Guesde, goes back to1898. When approaching such an historical building, Paris studio B+C Architects made the conscious decision to preserve, whenever possible, the existing interior spaces, characterized by the quality of the volumes and the great transparency of the original divisions, allowing natural light to flow inside the spaces.

At the same time elements of contemporaneity were introduced, taking inspiration from the vocabulary of the original decoration. For example, in the backyard facade, the architects played with references to the vegetable world, translating them into a translucent envelope made of polycarbonate and a metal mesh functioning as a solar shading.

On the inside, the original partitioning is enriched by new, original lightning solutions.

“We remain convinced that the only way to preserve the nature and character of a place is to participate with our culture and our contemporaneity in the process of making its history” say the architects. For the floorings our Nd/Uni was chosen: the colors making a bold contrast with the white structures of the glass panels. A solution that ensures a “soft” and safe surface for the kids, in every aspect.

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