Dialysis Management Clinic – Pickering

Hospital surfacing with rubber flooring Natura

“Healing environment” is a given concept in medical architecture. It has been proven time and again that design is a crucial factor in a healthcare facility, promoting recovery and making for a considerable contribution to therapy.

Case in point, Dialysis Management Clinics Inc. in Pickering support this notion: “patients on dialysis remind us daily that given the tools and support, chronic kidney disease is a manageable illness”. Provinding a safe, comfortable space for a recurrent treatment is a worthwhile architectural challenge and IBI Group recently came up to the task with the design of a new clinic featuring our Natura flooring.

With its natural, wood-like design, Natura is a great fit to carry a sense of calm and restfulness, providing a soothing environment for patients to receive treatment. Thanks to the acoustical qualities of the floor, sounds are absorbed.

The natural antimicrobial and antibacterial properties contribute to make Natura a safe choice for healthcare applications.

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