Grieghallen – Bergen

Theatre surfacing with rubber flooring Multifloor Nd Uni e BS Classic.

Bergen-born composer Edvard Grieg wrote his most famous opus, the music for Henrik Ibens’s Peer Gynt, in 1875. Its best-known theme “In The Hall of the Mountain King” was to make its way in popular culture, mainly thanks to Fritz Lang’s movie “M”, like few other pieces of classical music ever.

The story of Grieg’s own “Hall”, namely the concert hall in the heart of Bergen that takes his name, is similarly epic: early talks go back to 1894, after Grieg himself had directed for two years the Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra, but the project met almost everything on its way: from lack of a suitable location to the Bergen Fire of 1916 to WWII to lack of funds.

On May 12, 1978, the 1500-seats Grieghallen, designed by Danish architect Knud Munk, was officially opened with a performance of Grieg’s Norwegian Dances.

We are very proud to have contributed our flooring to such an amazing legacy: namely, 600 sqm of our unicolor Nd/Uni and 1200 sqm of our studded BS Classic made in a custom color.