Hospital Michele & Pietro Ferrero - Verduno

Hospital surfacing with rubber flooring Granito

The hospital entitled to Michele and Pietro Ferrero in Verduno, halfway between the cities of Alba and Bra, has been unveiled in July 2020.

The project by architect Aymeric Zublena is based on an innovative concept of a horizontal, rectangular block that breaks away from the self contained units and develops the principle of a mainly horizontal organisation of space. Sunlight reaches all the areas of the building where personnel is stationed , which also leads to improved quality of services for patients.

The architectural design of the internal spaces meets the needs of a hospital building and, at the same time, offers patients and staff a reassuring, bright and comfortable atmosphere. Elements such as sunlight that penetrates the heart of the building, or the warm effect given by the materials used, also play a role in reaching the aforementioned objective. The arrangement and atmosphere of the rooms have been carefully studied. A row of lower windows has been introduced to allow patients who are confined to their beds to get a good view of the landscape.

The sustainable features are also impressive: ventilated facades, photovoltaic panels, re-use of rain among them. And also the attention to “materials that assure the best performances in terms of durability and maintenance. Among these materials, our rubber floorings are compliant on every level.

The hospital features more than 43000 sqm covered with our Grain rubber flooring (in many colors: HG107 – HG114 – HG106 – HG111 – HG112 – HG 107 – HG113 – HG120 – HG101 – HG 115), from wards to corridors up to the offices.

Photo credits Camilla Giacometti