Iskon Offices – Zagabria, Croazia

Office surfacing with studded rubber flooring BS Classic.

The headquarters of a next-generation communications services provider: an example of the interpretation of the corporate image in an interior design project, to transmit corporate values in a fully coherent manner. A design by Iva Letilovic and Morana Vlahovic with an intense graphic value in which the colour orange, a key element of the co-ordinated Iskon image, defines the surfaces of common areas, in contrast with the neutral colours of the offices. The flooring is made with an Artigo “classic”, the round studded BS: a choice that made it possible to create spaces of total colour, in which the geometrical rounded shape, based on the company logo, becomes a leitmotif that is repeated in each architectural element of this space: from the columns that host computer stations to sofas, as well as the light sources.