Kalasatama school – Helsinki

School surfacing with Kayar rubber flooring

“The colourful and visually inviting school designed by JKMM Architects has no conventional pupils’ desks or stuffy classrooms” says Architect in charge Juha Mäki-Jyllilä of JKMM Architects.

With a day care centre and school on three floors, the building closely follows the shape of the winding streets and has a nestling courtyard inside.

The school was designed to be an inviting and approachable public building. The cheerful façade clearly stands out among the surrounding blocks of concrete buildings.

The building is still in progress and will be completed in 2020. By that time, it will host 700 pupils.

The choice of materials was affected by the fact that shoes are not worn inside the building. Enter our Kayar rubber flooring, designed by Sottsass Associati, in five colors: K01, K70, K72, K73 and K74 for a total surface of 585 sqm.

Traditional desks and classrooms have been done away with, and the teacher no longer sits behind a desk. The environment provides stimuli and encourages interactivity. In this school, learning is possible also when one is not sitting behind a desk.

photos Studio Hans Koistinen, Mika Huisman