Marco Polo Airport – Venezia, Italia

Airport public areas surfacing with relief rubber flooring Zeus.

A project that combines technical innovation and historical continuity, in which the architectural characteristics of the building are based on the Venetian tradition. A modern and functional space, to be inserted into the reality of the lagoon in total harmony with the surrounding natural environment. The airport has a total area of 60,000 square metres on five levels and is designed for an annual intake of 6.5 million passengers. The choice of materials that distinguish the project, highlight the link with the Venetian architectural tradition, including face bricks, copper roofing, elements in Istrian stone, marble and wood. Artigo rubber flooring was used for the baggage claim area, with a custom-made proposal that combines the variety of the multicoloured granules of Granito with an embossed Zeus surface, ideal for high traffic areas.