Prälat-Diehl-Schule – Gross-Gerau

School surfacing with smooth rubber flooring Grain and Multifloor Nd/Uni.

Prälat-Diehl-Schule is a grammar school attended by students belonging to forms 5 to 13 with a strong emphasis on music.

Rooted in the universal language of notes, the school has an international outlook, with student exchange programs from all over Europe, USA and Ecuador.

With a history in education going back to the 18th Century, the school went through a renovation project in 2014 designed by Loewer + Partner.

6000 sqm of two special custom-made tones of Mondo’s Grain and Nd/Uni brought a rich colour palette and a minimalistic style to the classrooms.

“It is a free color choice of four tones” explains the architect Gerhard Dallendörfer, “but not selected by function or color control systems, more in a seemingly random kind of way. Thus we could give each room its own atmosphere”.