Sant Sadurní d’Anoia Cultural Center

Library surfacing with rubber flooring Granito

The project aims the rehabilitation of the old Sant Sadurni d’Anoia’s modernist schools, in order to host a cultural center with library and archive. The historic building develops in the form of an U, a frequent school typology of the early twentieth century, around a courtyard.

Taller 9s arquitectes decided to respect the façade and the historic building as it was conceived, taking advantage of the original access from the square as the main entrance of the new equipment.

A second new body is placed next to the rear façade. The position of the two bodies allows to mantain the central courtyard as the articulating space of the complex, a protected space that will allow controlled activities to be held in the open air.
The library occupies the two upper floors and integrates a series of spaces (a multi-purpose room, the courtyard, study-support rooms, etc.).

The refurbishment bets on traditional construction systems (ventilated Catalan roof, breathable stucco façade, Catalan vault slabs…), extending the life cycle of the existing solutions and materials, taking advantage of their features and completing them to respond to the new use and to safety features and energy efficiency.

The new bodies are conceived with pre-industrialised systems with the same objective of minimising the energy and environmental impact of the intervention. Green roofs, metal panels and our own rubber floorings, namely 500 sqm of Granito G431.

Photo credits Adrià Goula