Spa Hotel Monasterio San Clodio

hotel/spa surfacing with rubber flooring BS classic

“A dream: building a spa in a stone box”. This is how Spanish OLAestudio introduce the project of San Clodio, an ancient monastery turned into a hotel/spa.

“It is one of the most important pieces of Galician monastic architecture. Right from the start we knew we would not touch the existing masonry walls – 1.50m wide – remains of granite vaults, niches, and hollows. We recognize the ruin as a value and read the passage of time and the weight of the inherited architecture. Thus, we acted without altering the perimeter. New pieces would be inserted.”

“The proposal is a tour for rest inside this stone box”. Different light (natural and artificial), different materials, different textures, different pavements, different colors and different scales at the service of silence and the senses.

Among the materials, our iconic BS classic studded rubber flooring was chosen in the G820 color, providing a stark contrast with the ancient walls, yet in complete harmony with the whole architectural concept.


photo credits Héctor Santos Diez / Manuel Vicente