University of Western Sydney Liverpool Campus

University surfacing with rubber flooring BS classic

Liverpool City Campus is the latest Western Sydney University campus to be embedded in the heart of a major CBD in western Sydney. The new campus in 100 Macquarie Street spans nine floors and accommodates up to 2,500 students, with a focus on nursing, social work, anthropology, criminology and policing programs.

Up to 750 Western Sydney University nursing students have access to state-of-the-art new teaching laboratories, making it one of the most technologically-immersed nurse training facilities in the country.

Wrapped in a double skin of glass, the sculptural form of the building creates a spectacular backdrop to the vibrancy of a revitalised, Macquarie Street Mall through a layering of space, light and transparency.

Setting a new standard for architectural excellence and sustainable design in greater Western Sydney, the building has been designed to achieve a 4 star green star rating, using the latest technologies for improved efficiency in energy and water consumption.

The stairs are a key feature – featuring our BS classic steps. Conceived by MPA architects as a means of “connecting space and time”, the stairs to all floors provide for a vertical campus.

For this project we contributed 800 sqm of our iconic studded BS Classic flooring, including the stairs, adding a touch of italian style with the bold “rosso Ferrari” R922 shade.

Photo credits Tyrone Branigan