Waagner Biro Offices – Vienna, Austria

Office surfacing with rubber flooring Multifloor Nd-Uni.

A multinational construction company, specialised in glass and steel constructions, which boasts among its references the dome of the Reichstag in Berlin: in relation to the new headquarters in Vienna, Waagner-Biro wanted to fully exploit the distinguishing characteristics of the materials with which the company is identified. The project, directed by Driendl Architects, is characterised by a dynamic conception of the interior spaces, with the possibility of converting open-plan environments in individual offices, as needed. Extensive use of double glazing has created an innovative self-regulating heating system, based on air flows channelled and controlled by sensors. The double glazing ensures optimum sound insulation, a quality to which contributes the Artigo 3 mm thick flooring, able to ensure the maximum impact noise reduction.