The Island – Children’s Hospital Turin

Inside the Child Hospital Queen Margherita in Turin there is an island. Called the Island of Margherita, after the name of the Queen who made caring and nurturing the priorities of her whole life, it is the special warden designed for children with rare pathologies. 700 sqm forming a sheltered, comfortable, welcoming unit dedicated to kids and their families. There are no sharp corners. Nothing is “hard” or square. Everything flows and welcomes: a sofa, a reading corner, a table, a common space outside the rooms. “Being together” is the function and “lifting” is the mood: the design of the spaces takes inspiration from the sea and all the imagination that goes with it. Fishes, shells, corals, tortoises line up the walls, while the graphic element of the wave couples with the curved corridors to give a sense of smoothness. For the Island, donated by Adisco Piemonte Onlus to the Hospital, we provided 700 sqm of our Nd/Uni in the U99 color for the main floors, from the common areas to the corridors up to the single rooms. The Island has 6 single bedrooms, each offering a day-area as well. The rooms are named after a different sea-creature and each features a different color palette. We were able to contribute to the distinction by introducing a colored area under the perimeter of the beds, in line with the color scheme of each room. In this instance the 30-shades palette of our Nd/Uni collection allowed for the greatest freedom of choice, and the chosen colors are U105, U11, U108, U107. U13 and U18. “We did question a lot about architectural value contributing to therapy” say Miroglio and Lupica Architects. “We wanted to create a space that was like an embrace to kids and their families as well”. Photo credits Andrea Guermani