Artigo moodboards

#1: the dark side

They say every good project starts with a moodboard: a way to give physical presence to the feelings, the subtleties, the goals every designer has in their minds. Putting down materials, finishings and inspirations on a table; creating a contact, a relationship, a strong bond or an even stronger contrast. The moodboard is a roadmap, a canvas, a tactile reference point and even « a bridge » between the designer and the client. In this new series, we will explore the potentials of the Artigo collection in helping define moods, styles and visions.


Screed is the rubber flooring with a concrete look, perfect for modern, cool, rationalist and even brutalist designs.

Steel, aluminium, rugged wood, worn leather and transparent glass: natural yet cutting-edge, futuristic with a sense of the past.⁣ 



Lava is the rubber flooring with a rugged look, inspired by volcanoes.

Perfect matches with black anodised aluminium and ancient woods, natural textiles and treated sheet metal. A bold design choice.⁣ 


Natura is the rubber flooring with marbled hues, crossing over from traditional Japanise aesthetics to ultra-modern concrete and steel mesh.

It’s a timeless surface, fully capable of being a component of many different styles.