Vitaminic Waves

The restructuring of the Day-Hospital and of the Transplant Centre for the paediatric oncohaematology ward in Regina Margherita hospital in Turin represents a truly positive example in Italian public health. The works were made possible through the fundraising efforts of the non-profit association A.D.I.S.C.O, in conjunction with the hospital. The purpose of the project was to create a synergy with another ward on the same floor, with a very clear focus on improving the quality of life of young patients during the course of diagnosis, treatment and follow-up of oncological pathology, creating an environment in which the needs of the sick children and their families were held in particular consideration. The spaces and furnishings of the project, curated by the Miroglio & Lupica architectural office, ensure privacy and comfort, and transform the ward’s environment into a welcoming “habitat” with references to nature, in order to take the edge off as much as possible during their stay and to provide the young patients with the impression of a playful and serene setting. The wall on the right side of the corridor has a curved shape reminiscent of an ocean wave, keeping with the natural theme that characterises the rooms. The wall is decorated with different coloured stripes, matching the colours on the sliding doors on the opposite wall of the corridor, which instead has a straight facade. The colours of each room correspond with those on the door in graduated tones; lighter towards the ceilings and darker towards the floors. Behind the beds, a succession of waves is reminiscent of the corridor outside. The Artigo range perfectly met the needs of the designers for this complex colour choice and 1,100 square metres of Multifloor Pro ND-UNI in 12 different colours were installed. While it is not possible to produce special colours in these relatively small amounts, Artigo’s standard range is wide and sophisticated enough so that the architects were able to achieve convincing colour matches with the help of minor quantities from older ranges. Thanks to their high performance and qualities (walking comfort, durability, easy maintenance, recyclability, non-toxic components and environmentally friendly production), as well as the vibrancy of their colours, ARTIGO’s products have done credit to this innovative project , a project that was created with much love and attention to detail.