Of Healthcare and Rubber · 1

From a design point of view, a hospital is a complex unity made of multiple elements:

  • Entrances and corridors are subjected to heavy foot traffic.
  • Family rooms thrive on a soft, relaxed atmosphere.
  • Specialist areas require strict and effective infection control.
  • Patient rooms floors are prone to indentation.

Through all these different requirements, Artigo rubber floorings offer tested and valid solutions. 

If you are looking for an igienic, resilient, good looking and easy-to-clean flooring for a hospital, Artigo can be the answer!


When planning hospital facilities, resilience and durability are essential criteria, especially for areas subject to significant traffic and wear.

Artigo rubber flooring has demonstrated very high levels of resilience in multiple settings, offering demonstrable durability that often exceeds expectations and providing levels of walking comfort that surpass any other product.